Voyagers Of Life..

When the vision is blurred, and the world seems to be falling apart. When everything seems to be on the darker side of grayscale, when world appears a no better place to live in. The only thing which keeps us going, is our strength.


Happiness is like a whisp of perfume in the air, its essence remains for a while, and later, its just the same old air.
It’s a known fact that there is sunshine after the dark night, there is summer after fall. Life imitates nature all the time, it’s just that we miss those tiny things in life.


We wish to know our future, when we aren’t even sure of our doing in present. I was a very strong person, stronger than what I am now. It’s not the physical strength, what I’m talking about is mental strength. It is said that, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. Yes, indeed it does but only after you have paid a huge price for it.
Sounds sad and depressing, I know. But thats how life is, some people suffer a lot more than others.
I am tired, tired of all the fake people, all the lies and all drama, who wouldn’t be tired of all that shit (sorry for being blunt!). Shit which doesn’t even matter, few matters which don’t even stand a chance compared to other important things in lifeΒ  For instance, important matter like our happiness. That is something real for sure, even you may agree. Won’t you?
I believe that everyone is fighting a battle, and sometimes those battles are very much visible, and at times they are as invisible as the air around us.
If life was pretty easy then what is the fun? So, whenever you see someone, rude and harsh, just give it a thought, maybe that person is suffering and that has made him what he is today.
May be. We don’t know for sure.
We are very quick in judging a person, which is actually a grave mistake, how can you judge someone without rationalizing? How can you? You can’t and you shouldn’t.
I wish I could say, that this world is a better place to live in. Yes, I wanna live, not just survive and pass time, but to live life happily, accepting all joys and sorrows. God, You are our only salvation. I belive in You and trust You and Your decisions.
Just be with me. Be my guiding light through the fog of the sad and cold nights as I row my boat to a greener happier bank at the other end battling the fiercely lashing rows of waves. Save me, save my soul as I seek shelter in You.
This is my prayer to You God.
This is not only mine, but a prayer from all those voyagers with me, seeking your blessing. We can all do it.
You just have to believe in yourself. Forget the rest, Forget all those who cause you pain and suffering, who burden you by adding to your miseries.
Pray, live, be good, leave rest to God. He will give us strength, make us strong enough to face the unknown. πŸ™‚
That’s why its rightly said,
‘Do your best, God will do the rest.”
~ Shambhavi
P.S: This is my train of thoughts providing solace to all the people like us πŸ™‚


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