Done with your pretense,

Tired of it now!

Your words don’t make any sense…

You shall reap what you sow!

Your humanity is flickering;

Just a whisper of an angel will extinguish,

Your flame of lies and pretending…

I wanna live with no fear, no anguish!

With your help, I’m a step closer to it;

Closer to my freedom,

Release my soul bit by bit…

I’m no medium for your fun!

I’m no one to you…

I never was…

At least I hoped for a “miss you too”!

Achieved nothing but incurred loss.

Loosen the tourniquet of your venomous love;
Let me fly away,

Higher up and above!

This time I won’t sway

I won’t fall all over again;

For the fact that was never true.

No more I will be surviving under your reign!

Hurting you is not in my virtue.

I just want to be free,

Let me breathe,

Let me free!

~Shambhavi Vaidya



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