Mommy :)

“I am hungry! I want my mommy”
“I can’t do it anymore, I am so lost in life. Mom I wish I was at home with you”
We all have had these moments, and will continue to have and having had these conversations with my mother, I am not ashamed of it at all.
As a newborn or a young woman, daughters will always be daughters to parents. Sometimes, I dream of going back to an age where I could sit on mommy’s lap, yap all day long, interrupt mommy’s cooking, have cute tiny dreams, out of the box, vibrant imaginations, be mischievous all day long and yet go to bed with mommy’s goodnight kiss. 🙂
Ah! Those were the days of bliss, wonderful memories.
I stay away from my family, and I’m not going to regret that I literally argued with my mother, had an elaborate discussion about pros and cons of staying in hostel all by myself and learning the unknown.
Hell ya, I had argued with my tiny little world of imagination,and minimum knowledge of the unknown(thinking that I am gonna learn it best out there) I really had not realized that I was taking one of the biggest decisions of my life.

Now, I am a strong woman, I know how to deal with difficult situations but I still call my momma prior to dealing with any such difficult situation and asking her for her opinion. I just can’t be at ease without her. I fight with her, argue with her, crack stupid jokes, we both laugh at my brother’s and dad’s comments while they watch a WWE match!

These words~
“7 billion people, 14 billion faces” has left a deep impact on me, and this is due to the fact, that I have learnt this fact through personal experience. So, regretting my decision to stay alone in hostel didn’t turn out to be that bad after all, I am somehow prepared to face the world now; which is nothing but a battlefield, a stage, where you will be judged, hurt, praised, helped, and ignored.
And.. Mommy..hear what I have to say to you,
Mommy, though I call you up every single time I feel I am alone and I can’t make a decision, its not that I can’t decide, but I want you to decide cause I love you Mommy, a lot and your guidance has got me where I am currently standing  🙂 🙂
Whatever I am now, is all your love, care, scoldings, our fights. Solving math problems over coffee, hours of shopping together, you mentoring my cooking skills, evening walks, our long conversations over phone. Oh mom, I am so happy, and proud to have you! A big warm hug for you mom 🙂


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