‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ is my mantra. cause worrying not only causes premature graying of hair but also wrinkles, all the more it affects our health in far too many ways you can imagine!


Being happy, smiling, not smiling all the time, please don’t ignore the cry of your facial muscles! 😉 When the smile comes from within, its beautiful 🙂 A beautiful soul and a kind heart, is enough to kindle a spark of happiness on Earth.


Happiness is a wonder drug! How many of you agree with me? I am hoping that all of you would have noded your head in agreement! Haha..Nevertheless, its happiness which can transform your life, help you reform other’s life. Isn’t that wonderful? Yes, indeed it is.
What will the world be, if people were everything other than happy? With a curve turned down, with frown deforming their face, with worry stinged face. Oh God, such a disaster that would be.
Peace, serenity, calmness, unity, happiness, joy, all these won’t hold any good if people on this earth don’t choose to be happy. It’s upon us to think good, do good, feel good, feel happy!
That should be our motto!


“Don’t Worry Be Happy ” is a beautifully knitted sweater of words, by Bob Marley, this song will make you smile for sure, especially on gloomy days! 🙂




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