Somewhere In Neverland

Once upon a time, one day or at some point of time in your life, the thought of “escaping” would have crossed your mind. Even if its not a physical escape, mental escape is what we all want. The truth be told, if not others, I want to escape, far far away, somewhere in neverland . To fill life into “escape” is a tough task. In our mind, we keep escaping from the reality and from our thoughts, we would love to be at ease. Serenity is what we all desire and when our mind is blank with nothing to review, regret or repeat, we grow. I want to go to a place where I can breath. I’m breathing here too, the normal respiration which is our body’s matter of concern. But, I am referring to the other breathing, breathing at ease.
How many of you love beach? I do. The feel of wind in my hair, the smile on my face, a glance at the sea and the next moment you are alone. This loneliness is solitude, which is so serene and beautiful. As I continue to describe, I have this urge to go there right now. 🙂 That is physical escape. Mental escape is, where you sit in a bus with ear-plugs insitu and there you are; lost in the music world, enjoying every bit of it with no awareness of the surrounding or when we dream. We all day dream, c’mon its not so bad after all.Somethings are more appreciated in there, than in reality. I wish we all had magic and we could create our own space, and live with peace.But, an amazing imagination of that sort is not feasible, we can’t wait for it so why not create our own space by going for a walk alone or a drive with our favorite artist echoing in our ears. Let your vestibular apparatus have some fun.Go to a beach or roof top, wherever you can empty your mind and enjoy the solitude 🙂
I hope you all have a happy time in your ‘Somewhere in Neverland’! Bon Voyage 🙂


7 thoughts on “Somewhere In Neverland

    • shambhavi31 says:

      Aw!😊 Thanks a lot!
      We live in the resonance of our thoughts throughout our life. Positive thoughts replacing the negative ones,while accepting the VIBGYOR of emotions life brings along.


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