Are you ready for a challenge??

Oh Bloggiee! I missed you so bad.. 🙂 Happy to be back! 🙂
Mmm..What about a challenge? Go ahead, keep reading 🙂
It’s so easy to blame someone else for the problems we encounter. Problem, small or huge, is a problem, an obstacle, in simpler term its a monster which we don’t want to face. It’s not that, we can’t fight it, we all have the ability to fight it. But for that we need courage and perseverance and all the more a positive attitude. Most of us have the other adjectives in abundance , but when it comes to optimism we somehow lack in there.
For example, I love to read articles, quotes, poems, etc. As an addict of Facebook, I save all the great quotes (great,as in for me..) I come across while my usual browsing daily. Merely saving those and reading them and not applying it, is an utter waste of my time, energy and also my internet package.
While I was typing this blog i just remembered that I can actually mention a few quotes here and try to understand them and apply it in my life and see the difference.
I think I’m up for a challenge.
Time starts now.
I’ve attached a picture here,  and I’m going to follow it atleast for a day, and I’m sure I can do that [trying to be optimistic about it..haha]. Jokes apart, next challenge will be to follow it for another day, then a week and hopefully by the end of one week I should be successful in inculcating it in my life for good 🙂 Who all are with me in this?
Here is the picture with the quote.



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